Good Practices on how to work safely with carcinogens

On 25 May 2016, EU-OSHA together with five key European organisations took the initiative to develop a voluntary action scheme to raise awareness about the risks arising from exposure to carcinogens in the workplace: the Roadmap on carcinogens.

An important step is to identify smart solutions and good practices, and share these between businesses and organisations. This would reduce workers’ exposure to carcinogens, and it would improve the survival of many workers today and tomorrow.

A first batch of Good Practices on how to work safely with carcinogens is now available and many new solutions will follow.

Together we can make progress! How do you tackle the danger of working with carcinogens at work? What good practice have you applied? What are you experiences? Please join in and share your solution on!

Visit EU-OSHA web section on Dangerous Substances and learn more about the Roadmap on Carcinogens and how EU-OSHA suppports this important initiative 



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