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Chile | Sanitary measures for the importation into Chile of handicrafts and certain other products)

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The proposed measure sets out sanitary requirements for handicrafts and other products of animal origin entering Chile with a courier or as commercial imports.

1. Skulls, horns, antlers, bones, teeth, hooves, talons, claws and scales, and items made with one or more of these elements or made with hide, feathers, hair and bristles, such as pieces of jewellery or costume jewellery, decorative items, handicrafts, musical instruments and clothing, may enter Chile without a sanitary certificate and only if they meet the following requirements when undergoing physical inspection:

They must be dry and clean;
- They must be free of any remnants of blood, flesh, skin, tendons, ligaments or any type of organic animal or plant matter (faeces, soil, etc.);
- They must not emit any sort of unpleasant smell associated with the decomposition process.

2. Maté cups made of hooves, as well meeting the above-mentioned requirements, must come from countries recognized as free of foot and mouth disease (with or without vaccination) by the World Organisation for Animal Health.
3. The products mentioned that correspond to specimens of species protected under CITES must comply with the specific regulations, where applicable. Nevertheless, aspects pertaining to animal or plant health will take precedence over the CITES law, and the appropriate sanitary measures must be applied.

Relevant Documents:

(*) WTO Notification: G/SPS/N/CHL/733

(*)  draft regulation sanitary measures for the importation into Chile of handicrafts and other products indicated therein


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