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Federal Government registers 20 more biological control pesticides, including products for use in organic agriculture

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Act No. 23 of   the Department of Plant Health and Agricultural Inputs of the Department of Agricultural Defense, published this Wednesday (25/05), in the Official Gazette of the Union, brings the record of 52 formulated agricultural pesticides, that is, products that be effectively available for use by farmers. Of these, 20 are biologically controlled, 13 of which are for use in organic agriculture.

Among the novelties of biological pesticides, there is the first record of the controller  Tetrastichus howardi. A wasp whose larvae are parasitoids of the sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis) and the brown caterpillar (Thyrinteina arnobia), which has been presenting itself as one of the main pests of eucalyptus nowadays. 

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