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  • June 20, 2024
  • 3E

BREAKING NEWS: A Shift by Austria and Slovakia Allows the EU Council to Pass the Nature Restoration Law

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Restoration of land and sea in the European Union (EU) has proved to be a divisive topic in more ways than one.

The Council of the EU on 17 June 2024 adopted the Nature Restoration Law, which aims to restore at least 20% of the EU’s land and sea areas by 2030 and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. Its targets are legally binding.

The measure was approved after Austria and Slovakia shifted their positions to “yes,” making it possible to reach the required 65% qualified majority. The law was supposed to be rubberstamped in March but got delayed when Hungary backed out.

A total of 20 of the EU’s 27 member states voted in favor of the regulation, representing 66.07% of the voting. Six member states voted against it: Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, and Sweden. Belgium abstained.


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