ECHA | Evaluation activities sped up by assessing chemicals in groups

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In 2020, ECHA checked 1 900 chemicals to identify a need for further assessment. Registrations for 258 chemicals were also checked for compliance with the REACH requirements. Better quality safety data from companies is still needed to clarify the long-term effects of chemicals.

Helsinki, 24 February 2021 – Checking similar chemicals in groups helps ECHA to select substances more efficiently for assessment. This is one more step towards achieving the legal goal of checking the compliance of 20 % of all registration dossiers in every tonnage band. 

In 2020, ECHA checked 1 900 substances and conducted 271 compliance checks addressing 258 substances in 240 draft decisions. This led to 1 365 requests to generate information for clarifying the long-term effects on human health or the environment. These include effects on the development of unborn children, reproductive toxicity or genetic mutations; or, further clarifications on persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic properties of chemicals in the environment. ECHA also examined 130 proposals from industry to carry out further testing on their chemicals. 


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