Amendments to EAEU technical regulation for perfume and cosmetic products came into force on May 6

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Requirements applied to the composition of perfume and cosmetic products in the Eurasian Economic Union's market have been clarified – the lists of substances prohibited or permitted for use subject to specified restrictions as well as lists of permitted colorants, preservatives and UV-filters have been updated. The requirements have been harmonized with the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Certain groups of products with no microbiological indicators defined have been separated as well. These are nail polishes, oxidative hair dyes, depilation and other products where no microorganisms can exist and grow. 

A number of norms for conformity assessment, including taking into account new standard schemes adopted by the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission in April 2018, have been clarified. In particular, the list of documents the applicant must submit for registering the declaration has been established, and the term for keeping these documents in an accredited or authorized body has been defined. Some cases have been contemplated when the declaration of conformity can be accepted without additional tests, for example, when the applicant's contact details or CN FEA code have been changed.

Common validity criteria for statements made in respect of perfumes and cosmetics have been introduced. From now on, for example, no statements declaring absence of substances prohibited for use in cosmetics are allowed. Statements about ingredient properties should not unreasonably extend to the product properties. In addition, they should not include any information about the approval by executive authorities, etc.

In July last year, the EEC Board established transitional provisions for entering into force of amendments to the Union's Technical Regulation "On safety of perfume and cosmetic products", providing for a gradual transition to new requirements. For instance, any conformity attesting documents adopted before May 5, 2020, are valid until the end of their validity period. Any documents on state registration also issued before May 5, 2020 are valid until May 5, 2023.



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