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Diuron is an existing pesticide active substance approved in accordance Directive 91/414/EEC. The substance was initially discussed and classified in ECBI meeting 22/87 and was further discussed in subsequent ECBI meetings such as ECBI/27/97, ECBI/07/00, ECBI/44/04, ECBI/124/04 and ECBI/55/05.

Regarding health and environmental hazards, diuron (CAS-No. 330-54-1) has a legal classification (regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, translated from Annex I of Dir 67/548/EEC) which includes classification as Acute Toxicity Category 4* (H302), Carcinogenicity Category 2 (H351), Specific target organ toxicityrepeated exposure STOT RE Category 2* (H373**), Aquatic Acute Category 1 (H400) and Aquatic Chronic Category 1 (H410).

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