Non compliant products on the EU market | RAPEX weekly Report 15 November 2018

According to the report of European Commission Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products, last week several products have been found non compliant with EU legislation. This included toys, jewellery and tattoo inks. The substances that were found in the products exceed the legal limits are: DEHP, boron, cadmium and o-toluidine.

On the previous week, products withdrawn from the marked included also cosmetics. The substances involved, in addition to the above were:  hydroquinone (in skin lotion and skin lightening products),  lead(in jewelleries), aromatic amine o-anisidine (in tattoo inks)  DBP and di-isononyl phthalate (in toys) and  4-aminophenol (in cosmetics: Hair colouring products).


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