• December 1, 2021
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Switzerland | Draft Ordinance of the Federal Council concerning amendments to several annexes of the Chemicals Risk Reduction Ordinance, ORRChem

Title of document

Draft Ordinance of the Federal Council concerning amendments to annexes 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.10, 1.16, 2.9, 2.10 und 2.11 of the Ordinance on the Reduction of Risks relating to the Use of Certain Particularly Dangerous Substances, Preparations and Articles (Chemicals Risk Reduction Ordinance, ORRChem, Fedlaw number: SR 814.81) (21 page(s), in German)


The draft Ordinance contains adaptations of existing and new regulations in the Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem) in the areas of persistent organic pollutants (Annex 1.1), halogenated organic substances (Annex 1.2), substances that deplete the ozone layer (Annexes 1.4 and 2.9), substances stable in the atmosphere (Annexes 1.5 and 2.10), asbestos (Annex 1.6), carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances (Annex 1.10), per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFOS, PFOA, C9-C14 PFCA, PFHxS; Annexes 1.16 and 2.11), oxo-degradable plastics (Annex 2.9), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH; Annex 2.9).

The existing prohibition for the placing on the market of wood, textiles and leather goods containing pentachlorophenol (PCP), its salts and esters will be extended to any other products containing PCP, its salts and esters. The placing on the market of substances that are stable in the atmosphere will, for specific uses, be allowed in refillable containers only.

Labeling requirements will be updated to specify containers with reclaimed or recycled substances. Medical devices will be exempted from the ban on supply to the general public of substances with carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic properties (CMR-substances), and mixtures that contain such substances. Existing exemptions from the prohibition of the placing on the market and use of PFOS and PFOS-related substances as well as preparations and articles containing these substances are repealed (photoresists or anti-reflective coatings for photolithography processes; photographic coatings applied to films, papers, or printing plates) or time limited (mist suppressants for non-decorative hard chromium (VI) plating in closed loop systems).

The manufacture, placing on the market and use of PFHxS and related substances, as well as mixtures and articles containing such substances, will be prohibited.

Existing restrictions for PFOA and its precursors are extended to longer-chain perfluorocarboxylic acids (C9-C14 PFCA) and their precursors as well as mixtures and articles containing such substances.

The placing on the market and use of granules and mulches used as infill material in synthetic turf pitches or in loose form on playgrounds or in sport applications will be prohibited if they contain more than 20 mg/kg of the sum of eight listed PAH.

The placing on the market and use of plastic products containing additives that cause the plastic to break down into fragments (oxo-degradable plastics) will be prohibited. Existing reporting requirements for stationary systems containing refrigerants will be extended with information requirements specific to heat pumps.

The placing on the market of temporary ice-rinks containing a refrigerant with a global warming potential higher than 4000 will be prohibited. A new exemption will be introduced for the manufacture and placing on the market of foams containing substances with an ozone depletion potential smaller than 0.0005, as well as for the manufacture and placing on the market of articles containing such foams.

Notifying member: Switzerland


Objective tagProtection of human health or safety; Protection of the environment; Reducing trade barriers and facilitating trade

ObjectiveThe purpose of this revision of the Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem) is to ensure the protection of human health and the environment from adverse effects of hazardous chemicals.


Agency responsibleFederal Office for the Environment FOEN Worblentalstrasse 86 CH-3063 Ittigen Postal address: CH-3003 Berne Switzerland [email protected], www.bafu.admin.ch


  • Submission: 22/11/2021
  • Reception: 22/11/2021
  • Distribution: 22/11/2021
  • Final date for comments: 21/01/2022
  • Proposed date of adoption: N/A

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