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Executive Summary

Nickel bis(dibutyldithiocarbamate) (NBC) is an organometalloid produced by the reaction of aqueous solutions of sodium dibutyldithiocarbamate with nickel chloride, acetate, or sulfate. Nickel bis(dibutyldithiocarbamate) is used as an antioxidant in synthetic rubber manufacturing.

Nickel dibutyldithiocarbamate is a dark green, fine-powder. Nickel dibutyldithiocarbamate has low solubility in water, 8.93x10-3 mg/L at 20℃ and is estimated to be more soluble in octanol than in water (log Kow >0). Its estimated boiling point of 521.96°C and low vapor pressure of 3.075 x 10-4 mmHg, indicate that it is not volatile. Nickel dibutyldithiocarbamate is a high melting point solid and does not ignite or propagate combustion, and it not a flammable chemical.


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