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Proposition 65 | Priority List for the Development of No Significant Risk Levels for Antimony Trioxide, Ethylene Oxide, 1-Bromopropane

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The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) establishes safe harbor levels, including No Significant Risk Levels (NSRLs), for chemicals listed under Proposition 65 in California. Proposition 65 warnings are not required for exposures below these safe harbor levels.

OEHHA prioritizes the development of NSRLs based on public health considerations, scientific data quality, and coordination with other programs. Current priority substances include Antimony trioxide (link to info), Ethylene oxide (link to info), and 1-Bromopropane (link to info)

Recent notices pertain to NSRLs for Antimony Trioxide and Ethylene Oxide:

(*) No Significant Risk Level for Antimony Trioxide: Modification to Proposed Regulation, Addition of Documents to Rulemaking File, and 15-Day Public Comment Period - Jul 12, 2023

(*) Proposed Updated No Significant Risk Level for Ethylene Oxide - May 11, 2023


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