Croatia | Withdrawal from the market of the Republic of Croatia of plant protection products based on the active substance cyproconazole

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Plant protection products, based on the active substance cyproconazole, which are on the market of the Republic of Croatia under the trade names: ZAKEO XTRA, COMRADE, SEGURIS XTRA, AZOCIP and AM-EKS on the basis of the said Regulation, are canceled marketing authorizations of May 31, 2021.

The sale, distribution and application of existing stocks of plant protection products ZAKEO XTRA, COMRADE, SEGURIS XTRA, AZOCIP and AM-EKS will be allowed on the market of the Republic of Croatia until November 30, 2021 , and the disposal, storage and application of existing stock of plant protection products until November 30, 2022 (Table 1)

Name SZBActive SubstancesClassRegistration Owner
ZAKEO XTRAazoxystrobin, cyproconazoleUP / I-320-20 / 04-01 / 61Adama Agriculture BV
COMRADEazoxystrobin, cyproconazoleUP / I-320-20 / 15-01 / 180Sharda Cropchem Limited
SEGURIS XTRAazoxystrobin, cyproconazole,
UP / I-320-20 / 15-01 / 359Adama Agriculture BV
AZOCIPazoxystrobin, cyproconazoleUP / I-320-20 / 16-03 / 256Sharda Cropchem Limited
AM-EXazoxystrobin, cyproconazoleUP / I-320-20 / 16-03 / 255Sharda Cropchem Limited

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