20th International Conference on Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology - Vancouver, June 25-26, 2018

Chemycal is delighted to be Media Partner of the 20th International Conference on Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology during June 25-26, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. 

The theme of the Conference is "Cutting Edge Excavation of Research on Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology" with a target to support youthful personalities and their research abilities by giving a chance to meet the specialists in the field of Materials Science, Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Conference Highlights: 
(*) Emerging Technologies in Material Science (*) Advanced Emerging Materials (*) Material characterization and application (*) Materials and Devices (*) Emerging Material in Nanotechnology (*) Next-generation materials (*) Metals, Mining and Metallurgy (*) Biomaterials and Bioinspired material (*) Coating and surface engineering (*) Materials for energy storage (*) Polymer and ceramic nanotechnology

Check the scientific programme here and register today!

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