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RAC Discusses Comprehensive PFAS Restrictions in Consumer Products at 10th Working Group Meeting

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The 10th meeting of the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) Working Group on restrictions, chaired by Roberto Scazzola, was convened to discuss the regulation of hazardous chemical mixtures, particularly universal per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (UPFAS). The meeting addressed draft opinions on the restriction of UPFAS in various consumer products including cosmetics and ski wax, with input from dossier submitter representatives from multiple European countries and stakeholder observers from industry and environmental groups. The discussions focused on the hazards, environmental impact, and potential exemptions related to these substances.

Significant progress was made in defining the scope of restrictions, assessing risks, and formulating preliminary recommendations for the RAC plenary session. The group reached a consensus on the high persistence of PFAS compounds, exceeding standard criteria, and their potential for long-range environmental transport, bioaccumulation, and ecotoxicity. Recommendations were also developed for sector-specific considerations such as the volumes and emissions of PFAS used in cosmetics and ski wax, with an emphasis on evaluating the risks and effectiveness of possible alternatives.

The meeting concluded with the adoption of the group’s report, setting the stage for further discussions and refinements of the draft opinion at future meetings. The outcomes are expected to influence the next version of the opinion, incorporating additional data from third-party consultations and further analysis by the rapporteurs, especially concerning the manufacturing processes of cosmetics and the lifecycle of waste in various sectors impacted by PFAS use. The discussions underscored the complexity of balancing industry needs with environmental and health protections, highlighting the ongoing challenges in regulating persistent environmental pollutants.

Link to the Report of the Meetingof the Committee for Risk Assessment Restrictions Working Group (RAC REST WG) reporting to RAC-68


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