JRC Annual Report 2019

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The JRC's Annual Report gives an account of the activities, accomplishments and resources related to the JRC’s work carried out in 2019. As well as an overview of scientific achievements and activities, the report includes corporate initiatives and key facts and figures. The Annual Report features a balanced structure in two parts - the 1st on corporate information and the 2nd on science-for-policy achievements - taking the reader through the activities of the year and giving insight on the strategic dimension of the JRC's work. It also informs about how the JRC manages knowledge for evidence-informed policy; how it anticipates future trends and societal transformations; how it collaborates with international partners; and how it reaches out to stakeholders and citizens at large. A series of examples is given, of what the JRC has achieved in 2019 through the prism of the so-called Juncker priorities’: a new boost for jobs, growth and investment; a connected digital single market, a resilient European energy union with a forward-looking climate change policy; a deeper and fairer internal market with a strengthened industrial base; towards a new policy for migration; and a stronger global actor.



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