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  • December 13, 2021

ANSES OPINION on a specific health risk assessment guide for nanomaterials in food products

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF THE REQUEST: In many areas such as the agri-food sector, engineered nanomaterials are used for their unique nanoscale properties (optical, mechanical, etc.) and large specific surface area. Engineered nanomaterials may be added intentionally as food additives, or as technological additives in the formulation of food contact materials.

Nanomaterials are not covered by any specific regulations, but are governed by various existing sectoral regulations (EC No 258/971 , EU No 1169/20112 , EU No 10/20113 , etc.). The question of regulatory harmonisation is one of the issues and concerns raised by civil society organisations – mainly non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – regarding nanomaterials in general, and in food in particular.



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