Standard Terminology Relating to Wood and Wood-Based Products

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This terminology covers a repository of definitions essential for the business of Committee D07. The following criteria shall be followed by Subcommittee D07.91 in selecting terms and associated definitions for inclusion in this terminology. Terms and associated definitions shall be selected if they are in general use in the conduct of the standards over which D07 has jurisdiction. Terms and associated definitions in general industrial or technical use that are not unique to wood or wood-based products are not included. Terms and associated definitions that are unique to a single D07 standard and defined therein or generally understood or adequately defined in other readily available sources may not be included in this terminology. When a term is used in an ASTM document for which Committee D07 is responsible, it is included in this terminology only when judged an essential term by Subcommittee D07.91. A definition is a single sentence with additional information included in discussion notes. Terms and definitions shall be reviewed every 5 years; the year of last review is appended.



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