45th meeting of the ECHA Committee for Socio-economic Analysis |26-28 November 2019 and 3-5 December 2019 | Final Draft Agenda

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This news contains references also to other Substances

The agenda includes opinion development for:

1) Calcium cyanamide in fertilisers – first draft opinion

2) Skin sensitisers in textile – second draft opinion

3) Perfluorohexane-1-sulphhonic acid (PFHxS), its salts and related substances – second draft opinion

4) Microplastics – third draft opinion For discussion

5) Siloxanes (D4, D5 and D6) – third draft opinion

6) Formaldehyde – third draft opinion

7) Five cobalt salts – fourth draft opinion For discussion and agreement

8) N,N-dimethylformamide – draft final opinion 

Link to Final Draft Agenda 45th meeting of the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis 26-28 November 2019 and 3-5 December 2019


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