• February 26, 2019
  • EWG

Federal Agencies Seek Volunteers for PFAS Testing and Safer Sunscreens on the Way

This week EWG published a timeline that illustrates the scope of proposed regulatory limits for toxic fluorinated chemicals, also known as PFAS. The trend clearly shows that since 1991, the levels of PFAS that are deemed safe keep getting lower. Some research shows there is no safe level of exposure to these nonstick compounds. EWG researchers estimate these chemicals are found in the drinking water of about 110 million Americans – a continuing crisis that needs a serious plan to be resolved.

Also in PFAS news, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is seeking volunteers who live near current or former military installations to be tested for PFAS chemicals. EWG contends that though this proposed testing is encouraging, more exposure routes and geographic regions need to be considered during this process. PFAS chemicals are found every time a water system is tested. It’s crucial to learn who is contaminated and at what levels, and the extent of this toxic pollution.

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