EPA’s Chemical Data Reporting Rule Largely Implemented as Intended, but Opportunities for Improvement Exist

As required by the TSCA, the EPA is using CDR data to help assess the risks of chemicals in U.S. commerce. In this recently published report it was determined that the EPA is implementing the risk evaluation process as outlined in its TSCA Work Plan to assess chemicals for human health and environmental risks. In addition, the EPA uses tools such as on-site inspections to monitor companies’ compliance with the CDR Rule, and the agency takes enforcement action when violations are identified.

However, it was noted that while the EPA conducts data quality checks of the chemical information submitted by companies every 4 years, the agency lacks documented policies and procedures that specify how to select and conduct these data quality checks. Policies and procedures would help the EPA implement future data quality checks that meet its information needs, as well as help prevent the possible loss of institutional knowledge during periods of staff turnover or absence.



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