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Canada to Establish Federal Plastics Registry to Improve Recycling and Reduce Pollution

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Canada is taking steps towards improving the recycling of plastics and preventing pollution by establishing a federal plastics registry. The registry will provide important information to inform the government on future compliance promotion and enforcement activities and will help to identify gaps in the plastics value chain where further government action may be required.

The proposed approach for the Federal Plastics Registry has taken into account feedback from partners, stakeholders, and the public during consultations. Canadians are concerned about the impact of plastic waste, and the registry will serve to improve knowledge of plastic waste, value recovery, and pollution across Canada.

The registry would be a key source of information that the Government of Canada will use to support the implementation and monitoring of different measures that are part of the government’s zero plastic waste agenda. Currently, data requirements for information collected for EPR programs are inconsistent across Canada, and the registry would standardize the data that is collected on provincial and territorial Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs, providing useful information for stakeholders, government, and Canadians.

The draft section 46 notice under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) is targeted for publication in Canada Gazette, Part I, before the end of 2023, followed by a further consultation period before the instrument is finalized.



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