New ASTM Internation standard to select the best hot-applied asphaltic materials in various climates

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A new ASTM International standard aims to help departments of transportation and other government agencies select the best hot-applied asphaltic materials to repair potholes and cracks in asphalt and hydraulic-concrete pavements. ASTM International’s road and paving materials committee (D04) developed the new standard, which will soon be published as D8260.According to ASTM International member Saleh Yousefi, hot-poured aggregate filled mastic is a combination of aggregate and modified asphalt used to fill potholes, wide cracks, and other distresses in pavements. Different climates need this material to have specific properties and performance.

“The new standard will help agencies and contractors choose the right product grade for a specific job based on its climate. This will help increase the treatment’s service life, the pavement’s life, and could eventually save agencies a significant amount of money,” says Yousefi.



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