ECHA | EU inspectors to check consumer products for hazardous substances, including phthalates or PFOS

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Inspectors will check that the products comply with restrictions for selected hazardous substances under REACH. The controls will also check whether products comply with restrictions for the presence of persistent organic pollutants defined under the POPs Regulation. Specific substances to be covered by these checks will be decided in 2021 and could potentially include for example phthalates or PFOS.

Enforcers will also check REACH duties for substances in articles requiring that information on substances of very high concern in products is being communicated in the supply chain.

These duties under REACH and POPs will be checked for specific types of material such as rubber, plastic or textiles. In this way each product can be controlled for several REACH or POPs requirements which will broaden the scope of controls and strengthening the protection of EU citizens and the environment. This enforcement project will be prepared in 2021, with inspections conducted in 2022 and the report expected at the end of 2023.



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