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European Commission | Initial analysis of selected measures to improve the circularity of critical raw materials and other materials in Passenger cars

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ABSTRACT - An initial analysis of measures is provided in this report, based on Joint Research Centre (JRC) and partners’ consolidated data and knowledge on the composition of current and future critical and other materials in vehicles, to address market and/or circularity failures of targeted CRMs and other materials in passenger cars. These measures could be integrated into the ELVD or 3RTA to reach the common objective of increasing the circularity of CRMs and other materials in vehicles. Following this, a dedicated analysis of the impacts of shortlisted requirements from the assessed policy measures and the selected materials is provided.

The development of the impact assessment indicates that the investigated requirements could increase critical and other materials’ circularity compared to a baseline scenario reflecting current EoL management practices. Overall, the investigated requirements could also generate additional socioeconomic benefits and improve the environmental performance of ELV management along with supporting innovation in the automotive value chain.

Other accompanying requirements and synergies that can be developed with ongoing investigated measures to increase the circularity of vehicles are also discussed.



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