Study to assess member states (MS) practices on by-product (BP) and end-of waste (EoW)

The scope of the study is determined by: - the mandate provided by the “Communication on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation” (COM/2018/032 final)14 to launch a study to gain a better understanding of MS' practices in regard to the implementation and verification of provisions on EoW status as a basis for possible guidelines; - the implementation in MS of the existing

Article 5 and 6 of Directive 2008/98/EC on waste in MS and the need for MS to transpose the amended provisions of these Articles into their national legislation by early July 2020; and - the mandate under the new Article 38 (1) of the revised WFD to organise a regular exchange of information and sharing of best practices among MS in relation to national BP and EoW policies and decisions facilitated by a Union-wide electronic register to be established by the European Commission. 


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