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  • September 25, 2023
  • WTO

India | Asbestos/Fibre Cement based Products (Quality Control) Order, 2023

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Asbestos/Fibre Cement based Products (Quality Control) Order, 2023

Asbestos/Fibre Cement based Products (Quality Control) Order, 2023.Asbestos Cement (Fibre Cement) products are made with a mix of Chrysotile Fibres (9%), Cement (about 40%), Fly Ash (about 30%) and the rest being wood pulp and water.The corrugated and semi-corrugated asbestos cement sheetshave been used in India for over 80 years. Being weather-proof, fire-resistant, non-combustible, and corrosion resistant, these sheets are durable practically ageless and maintenance free.The Asbestos Cement pressure pipes and joints are corrosion and erosion-free and need no maintenance or replacement once properly laid and jointed. They are also very cost-effective. Asbestos cement pressure pipes are being used in this country for more than 60 years and considerable experience is available in regard to their use, over ground and underground, for water supply pressure mains.The asbestos cement flat sheets are either water cured or humid cured and are mainly used for external wall claddings, partitions, false ceilings, panelling, furniture and dado work.The Asbestos cement building boards are mainly used as interior fittings where no load or little load comes on them such as partitions, furniture and Dado work.The Asbestos - Cement Pipes and Fittings are also used for sewerage and drainage. The pipes shall be made from a thorough and homogeneous mixture of clean asbestos fibre, 33 grade ordinary Portland Cement conforming to IS 269:1989 or Portland Slag Cement conforming to IS 455:1989 or Portland Pozzolana Cement conforming to IS 1489:1976, and water. Addition of siliceous filler is also permissible.The silica-asbestos-cement flat sheets are cured by high pressure steam curing process known as autoclaving and are mainly used for false ceilings, partitions, block boards, sign boards, outdoor hoarding, wall panelling, cladding and for cable trays.The Asbestos cement cable conduits and troughs are being used for laying power and telecommunication cables.The Asbestos cement pressure pipes are being used in this country for a number of years and considerable experience is available in regard to their manufacture and use for water supply.The asbestos cement corrugated sheets with shallow corrugation are also being use in our country.The Fibre Cement Flat sheets are intended for external applications such as cladding facades, curtain walls, soffits, etc., and sheets intended for internal use such as partitions, floors, ceilings, etc., with a wide range of properties appropriate to the type of application. These sheets may have either a smooth or textured surface.The Fibre Reinforced Cement Products are non-asbestos fibre cement flat sheets. Specially formulated and treated synthetic organic fibres and cellulose fibres have been used in practices for the manufacture of this product.

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Protection of human health or safety (TBT); Protection of the environment (TBT); Prevention of deceptive practices and consumer protection (TBT); Quality requirements (TBT)



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