‘Each Iranian generates 8kg of e-waste annually’

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Some 8 kilogram of electronic waste per person is produced annually in Iran, which causes serious health problems in case of being left untreated, a knowledge based company director has said.

Unfortunately, the leachate produced from the e-waste penetrates into the soil and pollutes ground water with harmful toxic substances, ISNA quoted Hamed Mazandarani as saying on Saturday.

“E-waste accounts for 2 percent of the total waste generated in the country,” Mazandarani added.

Each Iranian annually generates 8 kg of electronic waste which includes mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, washing machines and dishwashers, he noted.

In Iran the government emerges as the largest e-waste producer in the country, and according to the law, the state-run organizations are required to scrap the equipment after they have been out of order and put it out to tender, so the consequences of producing and leaving a large amount of e-waste is not considered seriously enough, he further explained.

“So, I have started studying national urban waste recycling for 15 years, as well as waste disposal systems of China, Japan, Belgium, and Germany and decided to change the condition by the idea of recycling all electronic wastes generated by the public sector,” Mazandarani said.

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