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PVC and its additives - Call for evidence on ECHA’s investigation report

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ECHA is requesting information on PVC and on the substances used in PVC selected for a closer scrutiny. The information request are the uses, EU volumes per use sector and end-use, end-of-life information per use and, where available, experimental/measured release and exposure information. With this call, ECHA strives to obtain an understanding on the use volumes at the EU level per sector and for as many end-uses as feasible, but company specific information is also welcome. In order to facilitate the data reporting, ECHA has compiled from various sources a list of end-uses and use sectors of PVC into a reporting format. 

 List of substances currently used in PVC
 Substance volumes per use
 Subset of substances used in PVC in focus
 PVC volumes per use and End-of-life

Consultation period: 02/11/2022 - 06/01/2023

Link to the Calls for comments and evidence


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