Endocrine Disruptors | A powerful political message towards effective protection of health

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The European Parliament has called on the Commission to urgently take all necessary action to ensure high level of protection of human health and the environment against endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) by effectively minimising overall exposure. This resolution, adopted in the parliament’s final plenary session with an overwhelming majority, asks the EC to treat EDCs in the same regard as carcinogenic or mutagenic substances. This comes in response to the European Commission’s communication on EDCs (November 2018) - widely criticised for failing to lay down specific actions. 

This EP resolution is a powerful political message, outlining that there is “no valid reason to postpone effective regulation”, the parliament calls upon the Commission to develop a horizontal definition for EDCs based on the WHO definition and to produce concrete legislative proposals that remove EDCs from cosmetics, toys, and food packaging by June 2020. With this action, Members of Parliament have recognised that current regulations for man-made chemicals systematically underestimate the health risks associated with combined exposures to EDCs (or potential EDCs) and call on the Commission to take mixture effects and combined exposures into account in all relevant EU legislation.

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