A workshop looking at gaps between the EU laws on chemicals in food contact materials and REACH

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On April 29th, 2019, CHEM Trust organised a workshop to discuss gaps, overlaps and possible synergies between the EU’s main chemicals law REACH and the EU’s laws on chemicals in food contact materials (FCM). The workshop aimed to give government and EU regulatory experts on REACH and FCM an opportunity to discuss, and develop new insights into, what role REACH could have in assisting with regulation of chemicals in food contact materials.

This event took place at a time where there is increasing discussion about the need to improve the EU’s laws on chemicals in food contact materials, with an evaluation currently underway, assisted by a study from consultants Ecorys. There was a meeting earlier this month to discuss the draft conclusions of this study, and we are expecting a plan of action from the European Commission in spring 2020.

The workshop was under Chatham House rules, so the statements in the minutes that we are publishing today are not attributed to anyone. In addition, the notes may be incomplete, and the points made are not necessarily supported by all participants. Thus, the minutes should not be used as a reference document but purely as a collection of points made during the discussion.

The workshop participants included experts from three European Commission’s departments – Health, Grow, and Environment, from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and from some EU Member States. A consultant from Ecorys, who are doing the Commission’s evaluation study, also participated. There is a full list of participants in the minutes; CHEM Trust would like to thank them for their participation.

In the morning, presentations were given by experts from ECHA, EFSA and two Member States:



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