Industrial installations and air quality: 2 reports on the costs of pollution in Europe

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These studies were carried out as part of the work carried out by Ineris for the Thematic Center on Air Pollution, Noise and Transport (ETC / ATNI) of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The first report ( ETC / ATNI Report 18/2019: Development of a refined methodology for the EEA externalities assessment ) takes stock of the methods used to calculate the damage costs of pollutant emissions from industrial installations in Europe, per tonne and per country. 

The study covers all stages, from the “Impact Pathway Approach” (IPA), from emissions to the quantification of impacts on health and the environment and their assessment, through exposure, as well as taking into account uncertainties.

The report makes recommendations concerning the scope of the analysis (in terms of pollutants, impacts, countries and years to be covered), the modeling of atmospheric dispersion for the different pollutants, the calculation of adjustment factors sector and cost assessment. 

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