ASTM | Standard Specification for Lead-Coated and Lead-Alloy-Coated Soft Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes has been reapproved, available as B189-05(2021)

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This specification covers the standard general requirements for lead-coated and lead-alloy-coated, round, soft or annealed copper wire for electrical purposes. The base metal shall be made of copper while the coating material shall be a commercially pure lead or a lead alloy which consists of lead, tin, and antimony elements. Ammonium persulfate test or sodium polysulfide-hydrochloric acid test shall be employed to determine the continuity of the coatings. The wire shall undergo dimensional measurements using a micrometer caliper with a vernier, as well as tension and resistivity tests. The specimen shall conform to the required tensile strength, elongation, and electrical resistivity specifications.



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