Imminent Challenges Threatening The Supply Of Lithium Ion Batteries

With their high energy density and excellent longevity, lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are the obvious choice for engineers, powering everything from children’s toys to the most innovative electric vehicles.

The demand for LIBs is on the increase and showing no sign of slowing down (with demand for battery manufacture around the globe expected to double over the next four years). For production to keep up, there are going to be some difficult decisions to make.

The supply chain for LIBs is complex with an ever-increasing gap between demand for the batteries and the ability of manufacturers to supply them.

[...] Cobaltgraphite and lithium are becoming increasingly scarce (and they are all primary active components of the cathodes and anodes in a LIB), and it seems likely that the lack of availability of these materials might present a bottle-neck in the production of LIBs. At best, it’s likely that the cost of these materials will increase as they become harder to source. At worst, they could have a much bigger impact.



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