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Australia | New Safety Standards for Children's Toys up to 36 Months of Age Introduced

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Australia has updated its mandatory standard for toys designed for children up to and including 36 months of age. The latest revision, effective since September 5, 2023, imposes stringent requirements on the design and construction of these toys, aiming to minimize the risk of small parts detaching during play or regular use, ultimately preventing choking, suffocation, or potential harm to children.

The new mandatory standard applies to toys that are manufactured, designed, labeled, and marketed as playthings for children within the specified age range. These toys encompass a wide range of products, including rattles, teethers, push and pull toys, building blocks, bath toys, dolls, and much more.

However, certain items are excluded from this standard, such as balloons, marbles, books, bicycles with a wheelbase exceeding 640 mm, playground equipment, and goods requiring adult assembly following supplied instructions. Additionally, toys made entirely from highly porous materials or certain labeled plastics are also exempt.

The standard, known as the Consumer Goods (Toys for Children up to and including 36 Months of Age) Safety Standard 2023, allows suppliers to comply with one of several recognized international safety standards, including Australian, International (ISO), European (EN), or American (ASTM) standards.

Key requirements include rigorous testing procedures organized through specialized testing laboratories, specifications for the size of toy parts that can detach (roughly equivalent to the size of a 35 mm film canister), and specific safety standards for battery-operated toys. Notably, toys containing batteries must have their battery compartments secured in a way that only allows access with a tool, reducing the risk associated with accessible batteries.

Toy suppliers must also be cautious about labeling and marketing. Even if a toy is marketed for older children, it may still fall under the mandatory standard if it is recognized as suitable for children under 36 months of age.

Suppliers have a transitional period until March 4, 2025, to adapt to the new requirements. During this period, they can choose to comply with the existing Consumer Protection Notice or the updated Consumer Goods (Toys for Children up to and including 36 Months of Age) Safety Standard 2023. However, starting from March 5, 2025, compliance will be mandatory only with the updated standard.

These new safety standards aim to further safeguard young children while enjoying their toys, providing parents and caregivers with added peace of mind when selecting toys for their little ones. For more detailed information, interested parties can refer to the Explanatory Statement on the Federal Register of Legislation website.



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