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UNECE | We need robust management and traceability for the sustainable and circular use of climate-critical raw materials

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Minerals such as lithium, cobalt, and copper are essential for digitalization, for renewable energy technologies, and for the further deployment of electric vehicles. Demand for these and other minerals – known as “critical raw materials” (CRMs) – is growing fast as governments and businesses act to reach net-zero emissions and meet the goals of the Glasgow Climate Pact.

Securing a resilient, sustainable and ethical supply of these materials for the transition to a net-zero economy is high on the agenda in our region, as evidenced by our post-COP26 briefing with the UK Mission here in Geneva. It is imperative that the technical and policy solutions to the climate crisis do not create new problems. CRMs constitute critical public goods that must be produced, used and reused without jeopardizing our shared future.



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