Lobbyists’ language pollutes government positions on EU water law

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Lobby groups representing agriculture, hydropower and coal mining have made startlingly similar suggestions for changes to the EU’s water protection law as some governments – changes which would allow these industries to undertake more activities that destroy rivers and lakes.

The European elections take place between 23 and 26 May.

A paper published today by environmental groups sheds lights on the undue influence vested interests have on governments’ positions on changing the EU law which was designed to protect rivers, lakes, and wetlands across Europe.

Alongside lobbyists representing agriculture, hydropower and extractive industries, other groups with similar positions to governments include German industry associations comprised of representatives of the construction, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals industries.

The ‘Water Framework Directive’ was opened up for public consultation by the European Commission last year, with many EU governments signaling that they are keen to weaken the law.

Now, the damning paper – published today by WWF, the European Environmental Bureau, Wetlands International, the European Anglers Alliance and European Rivers Network – shows that it could be the very sectors that pollute and destroy freshwater ecosystems that are effectively drafting governments’ positions.



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