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Sweden proposes Repro 1B classification for several substances used in glass, ceramics, and fertilizers

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Sweden has submitted a proposal to classify several substances as Repro 1B, which may cause harm to fertility.

The substances in question are Ulexite, Ulexite (Calcined), Tincalconite, and Colemanite (calcined). These substances have various uses such as in the production of glass, ceramics, and fertilizers.

Ulexite and its calcined form are commonly used in the production of glass, while Tincalconite is used in the production of borate fertilizers. Colemanite and its calcined form have applications in the production of ceramics and as a flame retardant.

This proposal is part of the process to assign harmonised hazard classifications to substances at the European level. These substances have been registered under the REACH regulatory programme. The latest update on this proposal was on May 8, 2023.

Link to the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome


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