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Connecticut Attorney General Takes Legal Action Against 28 Chemical Manufacturers for PFAS Contamination

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On January 25, 2024, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong filed two lawsuits against 28 chemical manufacturers for knowingly contaminating the state's water and natural resources with toxic PFAS "forever chemicals."

The two legal actions aim to hold the companies accountable for the hazardous contamination of PFAS chemicals originating from two distinct sources. These sources include aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) utilized in firefighting and chemicals incorporated in manufacturing processes and added to consumer goods like food packaging, cookware, carpeting, upholstery, clothing, and cosmetics. The incorporation of these chemicals is intended to confer resistance to stains, water, and heat in the respective products.

The complaints seek injunctive and monetary relief, compelling companies to dispose of toxic stocks, abate pollution, disclose research, and compensate the state for remediation expenses. Attorney General Tong emphasizes the need for accountability and transparency to address the widespread public health and environmental crisis caused by PFAS contamination.


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