ECHA | Use ECHAs submission tools to submit SCIP notifications

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ECHA will only process submissions that comply with the Agency’s submission format and tools. Other submissions will not be processed – they will be treated as not received as they do not fulfil obligations under the Waste Framework Directive Article 9(1)(i).

Notifications submitted through tools other than ECHA’s dedicated submission tools will not be included in the database of notifications. The Agency will also not send an acknowledgment of receipt.

Contact your Member State competent authority for more information on the consequences of failing to submit the required information to ECHA and on transposing the notification obligations under Article 9(1)(i) of the Waste Framework Directive into national law.


Under Article 9(1)(i) of the Waste Framework Directive any supplier of an article has to provide ECHA with sufficient information on any substances identified as substances of very high concern, available to the supplier, to allow the article to be safely used by its recipient (SCIP notification).

ECHA was provided with the competence to establish and maintain the database of SCIP notifications following Article 9(2) of the Directive. For this purpose, ECHA published a submission format and tools that suppliers of articles must use to submit the required information. Details of the submission format and tools, as well as guidance on how to prepare and submit notifications, can be found at SCIP Database


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