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The project has shown that it is possible to produce hemp fibers for textile Denmark. Further work is needed to adjust the process to achieve the desired qualities. MUDP project.

The report describes the work of developing a concept for the production of textiles in the Nordic region based on sustainable raw materials such as hemp. The starting point is the use of e.g. enzymatic methods for exposing hemp fibers to textile fibers, but also hydrothermal methods have been tested.

The development of a new value chain and concept with hemp for sustainable textiles has come a long way closer to the goal of establishing a hemp textile industry in Denmark based on Danish cultivated hemp. In Europe, there is also a focus on the challenge, but it has not succeeded yet. It is still from China that hemp raw material for textiles must be imported, and the right quality for fine yarns is not available yet, at the beginning of 2021.

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