Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste than nuclear plants

Expert says solar panels generate clean energy but produce more toxic waste than the nuclear waste. It create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than nuclear power plants. Dr. Syed Javaid Khurshid, distinguished visiting fellow, Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS) while talking to ‘The News’ said that the world in the pursuit of cleaner power has adopted solar energy, as one of the source and its share has increased six fold in the past five years.

He said solar power replacing fossil fuel reduces environmental impact of greenhouse gases released by combustion of fossil fuels. However, very dangerous environmental impacts are associated with manufacturing of solar panels (SP), as well as by their disposal, causing an alarming environmental problem. Dr Javaid told that there are two types of SP wastes produced, first from fabricating and second disposing it off after completion its useful life.

Fabricating the silicone panels requires hazardous chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphine gas and electricity which emits greenhouse gases. 



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