On 4th June CICERONE launched an online consultation aimed at circular economy programme owners (organisations that design and fund programmes), as well as CICERONE partner organisations.

The consultation includes two phases: a first discussion phase, where circular economy actors can share their vision of the circular economy objectives to be achieved by 2030 across various themes (plastics, construction, food, etc.), followed by an evaluation phase, where participants will be invited to vote on ideas and inputs from all contributors.

The results of the consultation will help better understand where future efforts and funding should be directed, and contribute to shaping the European Circular Economy Strategic Agenda for Research and Innovation.


(*) 4th June 2019: Launch of the online consultation discussion phase
(*) 1st July: Closure of the discussion phase
(*) 9th July: Start of the evaluation phase
(*) 18th July 2019: Closure of the online consultation

Contributing to the consultation will promote alignment of future EU, national, regional and local policy and funding, and will ensure that our priorities across the European territory are heard.

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