The Chemical Industry’s 2018 Half Year Report

The handy website tells us that we are over halfway through the year to Christmas. But before anyone starts panicking over what presents to buy, it is time to take stock on this year’s chemical industry progress. How has it performed over the last few months, and what does that tell us about the future for chemical production and supply?

While the chemical industry gave investors returns equal to other sectors from 2012 to 2016, the past two years have begun to show massive increase in return from investment. As chemical industry consultants as McKinsey noted in report from May 2018, stating, “Since mid-2016, chemical total return to shareholders performance has taken off again, posting a CAGR of 24 percent, compared with the world market’s 19 percent. The principal reasons have been a combination of a sharp increase in M&A activity across the chemical industry, which investors have generally supported, and a more favourable supply–demand position for petrochemical producers that has generated strong earnings growth.”



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