• January 11, 2018
  • WTO

Korea proposes enactment of the 'Labelling Standards for Cleansing & Hygiene Products'

The purpose of establishment of 'Labelling Standards for Cleansing & Hygiene Products' ('the labelling standards') is to specify labelling requirements and methods of Cleansing & Hygiene Products. The proposed establishment of the labelling standards includes the following provisions:

1. General Provisions provide definitions of words used in the labelling standards and stipulates items subject to labelling.

2. Common Labeling Standard stipulates labelling method for Cleansing & Hygiene Products. (a) On the main display panel, the letters "Cleansing & Hygiene Products", product name, and weight shall be displayed. (b) On the information panel, the company name and location, date of manufacture, expiration date, ingredient name, type of Cleansing & Hygiene Products, and cautions shall be displayed. (c) Set forth text size requirements per different labelling requirements. (d) Except for Cleansing & Hygiene Products imported in package and bearing a label contains the required information in Korea, those available on the exporting countries’ markets shall carry a label containing information in accordance with relevant regulations of their own. Stickers, labels, tags containing the required information in Korean shall be affixed to imported Cleansing & Hygiene Products.

3. Attachment 1 of the standards stipulates detailed labelling requirements for Cleansing & Hygiene Products. 4. Article 3 of the standards (Labeling Requirements and Labelling Standards for Individual Item) stipulates labeling requirements per the type of product.

Link to Labelling Standards for Cleansing & Hygiene Products (in Korean; for english translation please contact info@chemycal.com)


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