CELEX:62020TN0162: Case T-162/20: Action brought on 28 March 2020 — UPL Europe and Indofil Industries (Netherlands) v EFSA

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Applicants: UPL Europe Ltd (Warrington Cheshire, United Kingdom), Indofil Industries (Netherlands) BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (represented by: C. Mereu and S. Englebert, lawyers)

Defendant: European Food Safety Authority

Form of order sought

The applicants claim that the Court should:

— declare the application admissible and well-founded;

— annul the decision of the European Food Safety Authority (‘EFSA’) of 28 January 2020, notified to the applicants on 29 January 2020, on the assessment of the confidentiality claims made in relation to certain parts of the EFSA Conclusion on the Peer Review of the Pesticide Risk Assessment of the Active Substance Mancozeb (the ‘Contested Decision’); and

— order the defendant to pay all the costs and expenses of these proceedings.

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