• November 23, 2017

Occupational Health: ANSES issues two calls for research projects for 2018

Each year, as part of the National Research Programme on Environmental and Occupational Health (PNR EST), ANSES issues its calls for research projects on environmental and occupational health themes. For the 2018 edition of PNR EST, two calls for projects are being issued today, and will receive total funding of around eight million euros. This amount is higher than for the previous edition, as the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition has decided to allocate a further two million euros for research projects on endocrine disruptors.

The first call for projects, of a general nature, focuses on a variety of themes: - risks associated with physical agents (sound waves, vibrations, non-ionising radiation); - risks associated with nanoparticles and mineral fibres; - risks associated with chemical agents, particularly endocrine disruptors; - risks associated with biological agents; - exposure to plant protection products; - risks associated with emerging contaminants and waste; - risks associated with air quality; - the impact of climate change and vector control; - cancer and the environment; - human and social sciences approaches to health and environmental risks.



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