Approval of new fertilizer will increase sales of pesticides to individuals

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The Danish Environmental Protection Agency's annual report on producers' sales of pesticides to the Danish market - the so-called Garden Statistics - shows that sales of pesticides to the private market in 2018 were 62 tonnes of active substances. This is a significant increase in sales.

The reason for the big sale must be found in many tons of moss products sold. For a period up to 2018, moths that were not approved for moss control were sold. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has therefore set guidelines for the cessation of illegal sales. As a follow-up to this process, the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate in 2018 and 2019 carried out control campaigns regarding the illegal marketing of ferrous products for the control of moss without approval. At the same time, a new legal product has entered the market, registered as a pesticide. In other words, this is not a new consumption of fertilizers - but an "old" consumption that has not previously been registered as a pesticide.



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