Crumb Rubber Use Growing in Construction

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In recent years, crumb rubber from recycled tires has played a key role in the construction of jogging paths, playgrounds and tennis courts. Durable, yet impact absorbent, rubber has proven itself to be a key construction material. Recently crumb rubber has made inroads in other areas of construction, including roofing materials and floor substrates, expanding the array of recycled materials used within commercial and residential construction.

Crumb rubber can also be used for some foundation waterproofing projects, but the material used can really differ between projects and circumstances. “Even though effective, we prefer using a waterproof membrane called Platon, an air gap membrane, for the majority of our projects,” Naish said. “It’s essentially a high density polyethylene (HDPE) that can control moisture and ensure a home’s foundation stays dry, even in the heaviest of weather conditions. We find that it’s slightly more reliable than crumb rubber. That being said, the use of crumb rubber has allowed the industry to utilize natural resources while improving environmental impact.”



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