Webinar: Creating a new circular plastics economy for the South West

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ExeMPLaR, the Multidisciplinary Plastics Research Hub led by the University of Exeter, will host each month a live session related to a key theme in our Regional Plastics project. These sessions will take place at lunchtime and involve one or more speakers in a short presentation followed by a discussion and Q&A to help support our Network for Change.

The first topic is an overview of the project and some initial insights, activities and findings from across the project including:

(*) understanding the stocks and flows of plastics in the SW region,

(*) the fate and treatment of plastics at their end of use phase,

(*) the potential health and eco-toxicological effects of plastics and how we are assessing this,

(*) regional and local initiatives and how these are making a change

(*) the role of local and regional biomaterials to replace fossil fuel plastics in product design

(*) local innovation and entrepreneurial activities making a difference  including closing loops, citizenscience and plastic free schemes

(*) the challenges in shifting our current use of plastics

(*) future enablers and effective places to intervene in the system to make a difference at scale

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