Pioneering approach for a non-invasive nanopharmaceutical improvement of heart failure

As Michele Miragoli, first author of the paper explains: “Nanomedicine, meaning the application of nanotechnology to the health sector, represents a promising approach for near future health care. Indeed, several nanopharmaceuticals have been approved by the FDA since the late 90s’ leading to remarkable advantages especially in the cancer field. Curiously, only very few attempts have been made to apply nanomedicine to cardiovascular disease area in spite it represents the leading cause of death worldwide. “

Among the treatments for cardiovascular disease, there is an increasing interest in peptide-based therapy due to their high selectivity. However, in many cases, low half-life due to degradation and mandatory intra-venous injections are limiting their use and efficacy. Additionally, this type of administration is often associated with patient discomfort and low-compliance, making it problematic for chronic treatment.



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